Daily Fixed Income Commentary



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At Janney I can customize reports for you and really give you an understanding and road map towards your income goals and concerns.  Please click on the links below to see what a sample report would look like for you.

BondStar Report
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Janney BondSTAR offers personalized analysis and reporting tools that can help build and manage your fixed income portfolio. These easy-to-understand reports professionally illustrate key fixed income concepts providing value and transparency in the portfolio management process. These powerful and insightful tools can help investors meet their investment goals by analyzing income stream, credit quality and sensitivity to interest rates. Some of BondSTAR’s reporting and analysis features include: 

  • Report of monthly income stream
  • Maturity schedules
  • Ratings analysis
  • Municipal holdings analysis - state exposure
  • Portfolio duration profiles
  • Swap analysis
  • Shock test/horizon analysis


Bond Ladder Report
Click here to see a sample Bond Ladder Report

A bond ladder, which is a portfolio of individual bonds, structured with regular maturity intervals, that can provide current income while helping to reduce interest rate risk. Bonds in a laddered strategy mature at specific intervals, returning the original principal back to be reinvested into the prevailing interest rate environment. SOme of Janney's Bond Ladder report includes the following:

  • The Laddered Bond Portfolio
  • Portfolio Summary
  • Maturity Schedule
  • Monthly Coupon Payments